Cancer: A Transformational Healing Experience

Friday, February 01, 2008 Greg Villers 0 Comments

I am writing this article to increase peoples awareness that this condition (cancer) is a very complex one and must be approached as such. The most successful outcome is likely to be achieved through a multi-disciplined approach investigating all aspects of the person’s psyche and their holistic history. In investigating all factors, one can begin to identify the causes. Treating cancer at that causative level allows for a greater likelihood of true healing to take place. I make no claims of being an expert on this subject. I do claim a great passion for helping people to find the most effective means of treatment that will provide them with the best chance of overcoming this condition. ..

Electro smog. A curse of modern day living!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006 Greg Villers 0 Comments

With the increasing evidence over the harm caused by repeated use of mobile phones and cordless phones mounting, it is appropriate to look at this issue and ways of counteracting this problem. We are all aware of the damaging effect stress has on us. As we know it is one of the main causes of illness in today's society. One of the all permeating stress factors of today is electro-smog, which is ever present. In fact it is impossible to avoid electro-smog in modern society. E-smog is known to cause acidification of a body through the manufacture of Free-Radicals. Prof. Dr Karl Probst ( Germany ) doing dark field microscopy with his modern mobile phone, discovered that an unprotected mobile cellphone, acidifies the body faster than anything else he has ever see in his 30 years in medicine. ( cancer cells need an acidic environment to be able to operate and grow ) Dr Probst, was also stunned with the degree of clumping in red blood cell testing that he carried out, after 10 minutes usage on his mobile. ..