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May you find what you seek here.

My work can help anyone who is committed to releasing the things that aren’t working in their lives and creating a better experience of life. Blocks in our lives manifest energetically within and around us and can manifest on physical, emotional or psychological levels. These can be effectively cleared through the energetic processes that I work with. Once these blocks / contractions are released a greater sense of clarity and expansion is felt. Energetic blocks can manifest as twists and distortions in our energy fields and these can compromise the ability of our bodies to function at their optimum levels. As these energetic distortions are unwound, this allows for the energy to flow more freely thus releasing what was locked into that area. This allows any underlying emotional issues to be cleared as the cellular memories which were stored there are brought to the surface to be healed.

Whilst identifying and clearing the cause of what you are dealing with, I am also opening your energy fields to receive Higher Vibrational Frequencies.

Through the experience that I have garnered over 35 years in the healing and Spiritual Fields I am well equipped to guide you resolving any issues causing you concern.

We are all meant to be experiencing our lives lovingly, joyfully, abundantly, creatively, healthily, passionately and with a sense of purpose. If we aren’t, it simply means that we are still identifying with a redundant matrix that is no longer of any use to us. Part of my work is in helping you to disconnect from this old matrix and connect you into your own Powerhouse of Universal Energy to allow you to create all that you want to see manifest in your life.

At times we can pick up discordant energies from external sources that can attach to us and disrupt our own energy fields. These energies can cause a wide array of symptoms and need to be cleared to allow us to function effectively.

Greg Villers