Transformational Healing

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Greg Villers
25 years experience in
Health & Wellness



Transformational Healing

Transformational Healing is a process that allows for the healing of issues and conditions in your body and in your life, allowing you to find greater clarity, peace and understanding.

Transformational healing recognises the connection between mind and body and the need to address all parts of the individual; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Greg utilises his experience in counselling, mentoring, life coaching, nutritional counselling, remedial bodywork, energy healing, chakra balancing, alchemic healing and intuitive healing to facilitate this process. This is a process of healing, not curing.

Transformational healing is about consciously evolving past the need for disease, illness, pain, fear, unhappiness, depression, etc.

These conditions represent the unhealed aspects of ourselves and are indicators that all is not well on deeper levels. Whilst they are valuable in the sense that they help us to recognise what we need to be looking at within ourselves, when we truly desire wholeness, happiness, health, and enlightenment and are willing to release the belief systems and mindsets that keep us in our inadequacies, then we can begin to transform our lives and create these realities. All aspects of the individual are addressed in this process.

The process of Transformational healing is a journey into wholeness and involves a desire to move beyond your present circumstances and situations.

In some instances of serious illness that have been brought to my attention over the past 25 years I have identified a presence or entity with the affected person that is contributing to their condition.

In order for these entities to stay connected to a physical being they actually feed off the life force energy of the host, and deplete their energy reserves. Not all of these beings are negative in the sense of being evil but they certainly are not vibrating at a high level of consciousness. Many are not even aware that they are dead.

The process I use to clear these trapped beings is gentle, respectful, and directional. They are moved to the “Light” where they are given the help they need. Their is no judgement on any of these beings. Some of these beings have been “earthbound” for a long time and there is generally a profound sense of relief when they have been released.

Once these energies have been cleared you may find that you sleep better, your energy levels improve, you feel more at peace and have a greater sense of well being. Often your life can begin to move forward when previously you have felt stuck and unable to change.

In cases of long term chronic and serious illness it is advisable to check to see if you have “company” as even if they are not the cause of your condition they can be attracted to your energy fields as your aura will be weak and allow them easy access to you.

In many cases of negative energies that people feel in their houses and property it is energetic thought forms that previous occupants have left behind. It is always a good idea to “cleanse” a house and property when moving in to allow you to imprint your own personal energies into your space.

Everything in life is energy simply vibrating at different frequencies, as attested to in the DVD “What the bleep”. Thought forms and emotions are energy and can attach to different people, places, and things. We all know the feeling of walking into a room and feeling uncomfortable and this is generally due to the “vibration” present. We often allude to it as a “bad vibe”

It is important when buying used articles especially jewellery, to clear the energy that is held in it from the previous owner. If they have been in a negative space whilst wearing the item then it is likely to be impregnated with that energy.

In clearing your house and property I will also teach you a simple but highly effective technique to keep you and your property clear.

Greg also conducts seminars and workshops on personal empowerment and health and wellbeing. He is a writer on these subjects.

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