Featured Success Stories

Please find below some of the feedback I’ve received over the years.

I was blessed to cross paths with Greg in 2015. Since this time, Greg’s mentoring has been an integral part of my extraordinary journey of spiritual growth and self discovery. Greg is a consummate professional all while being a patient, friendly and enlightening presence throughout our sessions. In every encounter I’ve had with Greg, I have always felt a deep sense of peace and freedom within and also a stronger connection with my own multidimensional self (not to mention the countless shifts I have experienced as a result of our sessions).

Greg empowers you with the ultimate gift: the unfoldment of the remembrance of who you truly are and the remarkable journey that ensues. Just by being in his warm presence you feel deeply honoured, respected and held in love. I believe that Greg’s client centred approach offers the ultimate support and guidance at a pace that is just right for you. He just has this wonderful ability to help you hone in on any areas of your life that you may wish to address which then takes your own growth and understanding to the next level. Greg works with the utmost of integrity and embodies compassion and love to the highest degree. I cannot recommend highly enough seeing Greg for your own personal fulfilment and spiritual journey.

— Janie Lawrence

Our house transformed into a happy, loving home

Whilst working on my personal Transformational Healing with Greg I asked Greg to do a house clearing, as I wasn’t feeling settled at home and felt my house/property contained some negative energy.

Greg asked me how the house felt currently and how I wanted our house to feel and what I wanted to achieve with this space going forwards.

He put in a lot of time and energy into clearing and resetting the house and the property to my desires and also spent time showing me how to keep the energies clear and energised.

I am so incredibly grateful for the difference this has made not only to the feel of the house, but also to the relationships within the house. Our house is now truly a joy to come home to, and there is a marked noticeable positive difference in the daily interactions – with far more joy and ease.

Even the cats are more smoochy and settled.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Greg! My young son and I now have a positive, happy, loving and supportive home environment to move forwards.

— Jo

Seeking and finding Transformational Healing

I found Greg on the internet when I was seeking’’ Transformational Healing’’.

I had chosen to upgrade my personal vibration through Spiritual enlightenment and healing. I followed my intuition in choosing Greg as I was drawn to his ‘’ Divine Masculine’’ energy, which I felt was a good balance point for me.

I was going through an extremely challenging time when I came to Greg. I was struggling to cope. `I was suffering from chronic physical symptoms which conventional medicine failed to help. I was in pain, heavily medicated and lacking energy and vitality.

I was determined to move beyond present circumstances and gain greater clarity, a sense of peace and come back to Love. We have worked on releasing sadness and fear. I have come off medications [with guidance] and replaced old energies of lack and low self-esteem.

Greg has guided me through a holistic healing process and supported me every step of the way. He has been extremely responsive and available and given me such dedicated and compassionate care.

‘’Thank you Greg for freeing me from the negative energies and thought patterns that no longer serve me and releasing me from the hold of the dark entity that sought to derail my life.

Thank you for giving me my life back.
I do not hesitate to recommend Greg.

— Dianne Lawrence, Auckland (New Zealand)

Bringing positive energy into our home

After experiencing several challenging years, all the while living in our rental property, we started thinking that the house was a problem for us. We knew that a very negative person lived here before us and so I decided to ask Greg to come and clear our home and get the positive energy flowing.

I was impressed with how much time and energy Greg put into clearing the space. He also spent time building up my energy too. It was a great experience and an absolute pleasure to work with him in our home.

A week later, it feels like Greg has really shifted the energy in our home. We feel much lighter, happier and more positive and the house feels much better. I’m pleased that we’ve done all we could to bring positive energy into our home and lives.

— Suzanne B.

No more dramas

I have been seeing Greg regularly over the last 18 months. I find I am so much more at peace with myself and I can deal with everyday issues without getting caught up in other people’s dramas.
I feel much more vibrant and alive. I stop and smell the roses frequently! The sessions of transformational healing with Greg leave me feeling totally expanded into oneness. I cannot recommend Greg highly enough.

— Ruth, Auckland (New Zealand)

Healing from a bereavement

I first went to see Greg Villers when I was struggling with bereavement issues following the death of a family member. I realised I had unresolved issues from an earlier bereavement and he helped me through them. I left that first session feeling so much lighter and more relaxed than when I had walked in.

Over the next six sessions Greg helped me with other challenges in my life and equipped me with tools that helped me deal with the stresses that everyday life and business was throwing my way.

In a very calming and nurturing environment he helped me to heal, to remove blockages and to develop a far more positive manner in which to cope with stress and issues. I now approach life and the challenges that every day brings with positive energy, light and a better understanding of myself.

I can highly recommend a series of sessions working with Greg, it will change your life.

— Gareth

Dramatic change for the better

As a suffer of fibromyalgia, my whole being was tired, sore and heavy when I first met Greg. I was also suffering a broken heart -there was lots of hurt and sadness around this and a traumatic childhood. I was feeling low emotionally, lacked energy and was frustrated with myself that nothing I was doing seemed to help.

I was nervous to meet Greg but he put me at ease right away. Greg is a compassionate warm person, his professional manner mixed with his sense of humor make it a delight to work with him. I have now had three sessions with Greg and I feel amazing! My body is so much lighter, it is unrecognisable to me as the change is so dramatic. The pain of my muscles has reduced, my overall attitude to life is more positive and with increased energy, every day is more productive.

I only wish I had gone sooner!

— Joanne Beare

Like night and day

I came across Greg’s’ website, transhealing.co.nz, when things in my life began to feel overwhelming. I was recovering from illness and felt like I would never feel better. Through healing sessions with Greg I feel that I am coming to know myself again.

I have gone from feeling disassociated, to feeling more present in my life. I have stopped sweating the small “stuff” and stopped taking on other peoples “stuff”. My husband says the difference in me has been like night and day! Daily life in my household has become particularly calm and peaceful.

There is a strong sense of calmness with me now, I feel it is the beginning of a lifelong spiritual journey.

I highly recommend Greg to anyone who wants to change their lives for the better, permanently.

— Lisa Hoole

Positive impacts

I wanted to write this testimonial to thank you so much for your time, words of wisdom and amazing healing abilities. I came to see Greg when I was going through some difficulties with my career and I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders and I felt stuck how to move forward in a positive way.

After the first session I walked away feeling lighter, happier and reassured everything was going to be ok. What I did not realise was the positive impacts of these sessions would have a profound effect on all areas of my life. My career, relationships with my husband, children, father, sister and especially myself have benefited immensely. I have the tools from Greg to sustain this change and feel my spiritual journey with Greg is only just beginning which is very exciting!!

— Helen Stephens

A deep, loving connection with clients

I wish to share with you an amazing experience I had this day. I went for a session with a very special being, a healer of very deep abilities, one of those walking among us that holds the light more fully, that knows himself deeply and loves all others and life with a clarity born from deep memory and truth.
Thank you Greg Villers for our time together and for sharing your wisdom and wonderful gifts of service with me.
I have felt clarity on a deeper than usual level since, and the knowing that there has been a huge shift on many levels.
I am in gratitude for you and all you bring to assist this life.
I highly recommend this man for his healing abilities, his very accurate knowing, his ability to be the voice for divine beings of love, and his deeply loving connection with his clients.

— Janine Savient

“Sweeping clean” your “stuff”

Are you looking for someone to assist you on your healing journey? Wow!! I had a wonderful session with Greg Villers a couple of weeks ago and with his gentle energy and the many modalities he has to share, I had a very nurturing session. I highly recommend him for “sweeping clean” your “stuff” and filling you back with light & laughter. I left the session feeling very “light”, relaxed and grinning from ear to ear! 🙂 Contact Greg and have a chat with him to see if he would be “right” for you. I wish you well on your “healing” journey.

Love and blessings,
— Carolyn of North Shore, Auckland (New Zealand)

Welcoming and soothing in your manner

I just wanted to provide a testimonial for you to encourage other people to experience the wonderful benefits of your work.
I have had two particular experiences with you now that I would call miraculous because of the instant results. I had breast cancer three years ago and I found it hard to move on from worrying about it returning. I had really high anxiety recently after a follow-up visit to the oncologist, just talking about cancer and being in the hospital environment. I called you when I was in Sydney as I had difficulty calming my heart rate. You were so welcoming and soothing in your manner. You said you would work on me and the anxiety disappeared immediately and didn’t return. Then later you helped with some body work as I had been uncomfortable for years as a result of the surgery and that discomfort disappeared immediately also. I feel as though I know where we’re going with my work with you and that I am making strong progress towards being healthy in mind, body and soul.

Thank you!
— Megan

Telephone Session

I recently had a spiritual need to ask Greg Villers for a telephone healing session.
He was absolutely spot on in guiding me back to the areas in my life in need of renewed Acceptance & Trust. Greg confirmed my own Intentions were clear and heard by the Universe and went on to channel clear Guidance, Healing and Confirmation in my required and most important ‘Next Step’. The Energy Healing in the phone call was potent, refined and easy to feel.
In fact it created heat in my skull, which was very clear to me, second by second during the Energy Work.
By the time the Healing session was over, within maybe 20 minutes I was sitting strongly upright with new Purpose and Cool in a renewed sense of Truth – through Greg’s session. I heartily recommend this simple, yet effective approach – especially if you are time stretched, geographically challenged or need an effective potent attunement.

— Gabrielle Barnett

Greg gives more each time

I have been going to body workers for the last thirty years to help with my idiopathic scoliosis including chiropractors, osteopaths , massage therapists. I have been treated by Greg for almost twelve months now and it amazes me , I have never felt so good before as I do with the combined styles he uses. As he works with the higher intelligence and is guided he instinctively knows what to do when and where. He has magic hands.
His transformational healing is as he describes, and the intense focus he gives to me every session does not drop off, in fact he gives more each time. Thank you so much Greg. My body feels freed from pain and my mind is finding peace at last.

— Medley

Greg cleared our home

Our house never felt quite right after we moved in. I always felt like I was not welcome there and one of my kids felt it difficult getting to sleep at night. We got Greg to come and do a cleansing and it has had a huge impact to the feeling of our house, with my child sleeping well again also. Highly recommend his wonderful talents.

— C.R. Auckland

Greg lives the life he teaches

I highly recommend working with Greg, he works with much love and generous support. And quite importantly to me he lives the life he teaches.

— Julie Allan

Revealing the beauty of your spirit/soul

I have had many dealings with Greg over the past year, and he has always acted with the highest integrity in a gentle & compassionate manner.

He has a gift of being able to reveal to you the beauty of your spirit / soul.

— Karen B

Deeper levels of myself

I highly recommend Greg for anyone who feels they would benefit from a deeply compassionate, highly connected and vastly resourceful soul to walk along side them, lending his support and strength on their path. I have experienced deeper levels of myself and experienced many expansive aha moments working with him. I will always be grateful for the depth of Greg’s support, insights and encouragement.

— Josephine, Auckland

Deep and profound healings

Thank you for both healing sessions. I am very much appreciative of them. The session you did whilst we were in Auckland had a very marked effect on me. I have no words to describe it other than deep and profound!

With much gratitude
— Maralyn