Transformational Healing is a process that allows for the healing of issues and conditions in your body and in your life, allowing you to find greater clarity, peace and understanding.

Transformational Healing recognises the connection between mind and body and the need to address all parts of the individual; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Greg utilises his experience in counselling, mentoring, life coaching, nutritional counselling, remedial bodywork, energy healing, chakra balancing, alchemic healing and intuitive healing to facilitate this process. This is a process of healing, not curing.

Transformational Healing is about consciously evolving past the need for disease, illness, pain, fear, unhappiness, depression, etc.

These conditions represent the unhealed aspects of ourselves and are indicators that all is not well on deeper levels. Whilst they are valuable in the sense that they help us to recognise what we need to be looking at within ourselves, when we truly desire wholeness, happiness, health, and enlightenment and are willing to release the belief systems and mindsets that keep us in our inadequacies, then we can begin to transform our lives and create these realities. All aspects of the individual are addressed in this process.

The process of Transformational Healing is a journey into wholeness and involves a desire to move beyond your present circumstances and situations.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing is a powerful way of shifting and clearing energies.

My work utilises:

  • Light Language
  • Crystal bowls
  • Tibetan bowls
  • Tuning Forks

Each of these instruments is used for clearing discordant energies from physical and etheric levels.

Application of vibrational frequencies to certain points on the body corresponding to “stuck” energies allows for the dissolving of these blockages allowing energy to flow freely. When energy is flowing unobstructed then good health is generally present. This Sound technology allows for the underlying emotional and mental causes to be cleared which in turn allows healthy energy to flow into that area often alleviating physical pain and painful emotions.

The process I follow in clearing energetic obstructions allows for greater balance, alignment, harmony and a deeper connection with your essential Self. It is a powerful way of releasing patterns, beliefs and redundant programming thus creating space to experience a new reality of your choosing.

Vibrational frequencies are what we all made of and sound is an important part of experiencing ourselves and raising our vibrations beyond the same old energetic patterns. When we are vibrating at the frequency of what we want to experience then we allow the Law of attraction to magnetise that to us.

Crystalline Healing

Experience a deep clearing, balancing, integration and alignment through a Crystalline Healing which involves having crystals placed on energy centres on your body which act as a conductor for the harmonic sound of a Crystal Bowl being played with specific Vibrational Essences incorporated into the bowl. These essences are radiated out through the Crystalline Energy Fields around you and the results are a deep resonate clearing and opening of your energy fields to your own Soul Light.

It feels amazing and will help you to clear any old unresolved energies that may have been affecting you up to this time.