Spiritual Mentoring

With over 35 years in the Spiritual Evolvement field I have a wealth of Knowledge and experience to offer anyone embarking on the Spiritual path or indeed those firmly on the path. Part of Spiritual Mentoring is being a guide to those navigating this journey called life.

I am well equipped to support you in your process of releasing all of your erroneous belief systems and programming and attuning you to the Truth of who you are. The journey of a third dimensional reality is one of the mind, fear, separation and suffering (not all of the time but it is a fear based reality) The journey of Awakening that I can assist you with is a Fifth Dimensional Journey of the Heart and is a love based Reality of Unity and Oneness and involves you learning to be fully in your Power and creating the life of your Dreams.

I make a commitment to those I Mentor to do everything within my power to support you in your growth and evolvement and you make a commitment to me to show up for yourself and open to your Magnificence. It is an exciting journey of self-discovery and remembering your Souls purpose. During this process you will learn how to be a Master of your own Destiny. You will learn how to cope with any situation life throws your way. You will discover how to experience Deep Peace and Stillness and feel your Connection with Your own God Self. You will learn how your inner projections create the outer reflections that you are seeing in your life and how you can change your external reality by changing what you are projecting. And much, much more.

To learn more about this please contact me to discuss further.

“Greg has been instrumental in advancing me on my spiritual journey through powerful clearings, vibrational essences and introducing me to the wonders of the crystal modalities. He has been both teacher and healer. After my sessions with Greg, I felt like the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders and I walked out lighter and clearer on approaching life as well as opening my mind to the opportunities and wonders around me.

I highly recommend working with Greg; he works with much love and generous support. And quite importantly to me he lives the life he teaches.”

– Julie A