Sometimes low frequency energies are found in certain places like houses, land, buildings, businesses etc. These can have aspects of a person who has died and been unable to move from that place. In some instances very dark energies are present in a place for a variety of reasons. Other times it can be a residue of negative energies left behind through someones suffering, ill health, fear, depression etc.

Whatever the reason for these energies/entities being present, it is best that they are released / cleared for all concerned within the affected space.

My clearing process ensures that the areas worked on are purified on all levels and a higher frequency energy is established to support all those living or working in that space.

All clearings are done from a distance and simply require the address of the space in question, some photos of the place inside and outside, names of the people involved and any intentions for how you want the place to feel post clearing. These clearings are powerful and very effective in releasing and purifying the areas worked on.