Love and Light

Our world has been a world of much darkness and lack of love all of which is apparent for any who watch the mainstream news and its predominant focus on the suffering that we as a human race continue to inflict on each other. As we evolve beyond this, which we must do if we are to survive and start to thrive, we must turn our attention to the Light of our Souls and invoke that Presence into our lives. In so doing we are calling on the force of Love to transform us, and our current reality, which is but a reflection of all that has been programmed into us since the time of our conception.

We know that whatever we focus our attention on is drawn into our lives and it is timely that we shift our attention to all of the good that we want to experience.

Light will set us free.

Darkness has ensnared us and kept us from experiencing our own Light and none of that has been our fault as this has been part of the Plan we all signed up for. However it is time to step into the next part of the Plan which involves waking up to the Truth that we are all Beings of Love and Light who are here to remember this truth and create a new Reality / World whereby we shift the consciousness of all on our Planet starting with ourselves. As we begin to access our own Heart Truth we tap into the Infinite Consciousness, which we know as God, which we are all part of.

Love is the Way.

The Heart is the Source of all love and is the repository of all that is good. As we relax our mind and open to our Hearts Love we begin to hear the quiet Voice sharing that all is well with us. We begin to regain a sense of direction, and to develop a renewed sense of who we are and why we are here. In bringing our conscious awareness to our Hearts we connect with our Soul and begin to open to a relationship that is going to transform our lives as we allow the Soul Light to enter. As we allow Love to open us up to a Greater Love we can begin to give our Love freely as we are drawing from the Pool of Infinite Love, which knows no bounds. We then find that Love fills our lives and the more love we share with others, the more we experience in our own lives. Love is the Highest expression that any human is capable of and is the vibrational frequency that will attract the very best that this world has to offer. Practice giving Love in every situation and watch that situation transform into something beautiful. Love is the reason that we are here and Love is the Way to experience freedom from suffering. To follow the path of Love is to return home to your Self.

Love ~ Compassion and Forgiveness are important for us all to practice in order to be clear. Forgiveness can be for yourself and for others. Remember Forgiveness doesn’t condone any harm done by us or to us but will release us from that harm. As we feel Compassion for ourselves and for others we naturally find our Heart opening to receive Love.

Choose Love in every moment as you go into your Heart and allow Love to be your guiding Light, then truly the Light Shall set you free.

Exercise to open your Heart to Love.

(This has been adapted from a process shared by the Institute of Heart Math.)

Sit quietly and close your eyes whilst becoming conscious of your breath. Now place your dominant hand on your Heart. Just doing this will help you to feel more at peace as you connect with the Centre of Love. Next you are going to imagine that you are breathing in and out through your Heart, allowing yourself to breathe out more deeply than on the in breath and feeling your breath being drawn down into the Earth. Do this for 5 or 6 cycles until you feel yourself relaxing and letting go.

Now as you keep breathing in and out through your heart you imagine that you are breathing in Love ~ Compassion and Forgiveness on the inhale and breathing out normally. Breathe in Love ~ Compassion and Forgiveness on the inhale. Breathe out normally. On the third inhalation breathe in Love ~ Compassion and Forgiveness through your Heart. On the exhale you can drop your hand and open your eyes. Notice how you feel. You may feel your Heart is warmer and more expansive and you feel lighter and clearer.

Do this process at least three times each day for a few weeks and notice the difference in your Heart Centre. The more time that you spend in your Heart, the more Love you will experience. The more Love you experience the better your life will be.